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Starburst Collection

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  1. Hercules Bracelet

    Hercules Bracelet

    You will feel like you have the power of Hercules when you put on this cuff! Giving you instant edge, this open spiked cuff also comes complete with the perfect amount of sparkle! Learn More
  2. Mirach Ring

    Mirach Ring

    Destined to dazzle, this gorgeous ring is the epitome of elegance and edge. The mix of high sparkle and edgy shapes will surely draw attention as you reach for you drink at happy hour with the girls! Learn More
  3. Arina Choker

    Arina Choker

    A row of sparkling open geometric shapes take center stage on a velvet statement choker that you can wrap, drape, and tie into a chic choker necklace! You will make a pretty statement in this look! Learn More
  4. Adhara Necklace

    Adhara Necklace

    A spiked bar with crystal stones adds edgy modern style to a delicate necklace that is perfect for layering! Wear to work or out to play, this necklace is simple yet fun in every way! Learn More
  5. Atria Necklace

    Atria Necklace

    Delicate and fluid, this lariat necklace highlights your décolletage with the sparkle of crystal starbursts and spikes! Learn More
  6. Orionis Necklace

    Orionis Necklace

    Orionis is a multiple star system consisting of the brightest members of a young open cluster. With this in mind, we designed this amazing statement necklace for a cluster of the brightest girls! Your look will burst into life with this spectacular eye catching design! Learn More
  7. Plasketts Star Earrings

    Plasketts Star Earrings

    Clusters of glittering crystals, starbursts, and spikes create an elegant constellation on this pair of earrings featuring celestial charms rendered in gold for sky’s the limit styling! Learn More
  8. Gliese Earrings

    Gliese Earrings

    Inspired by Gliese 581, a planet too hot to be habitable, we designed these earrings that are too hot to handle! These fashionable spike drop earrings are a sharp touch to a going-out look! These geometric beauties have sparkly crystal details lending girly glam to dresses and denim alike! Learn More
  9. Menkalinan Earrings

    Menkalinan Earrings

    These classic sleek hoop earrings with three starburst motifs are trendy and playful and will make you glisten! They are a fierce and fabulous pair to bring out your fun loving personality! Learn More
  10. Cassiopeia Earrings

    Cassiopeia Earrings

    Inspired by the confidence of queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology, who boasted about her unrivaled beauty, these trendy and playful earrings will be sure to give you the confidence to feel your best! A starburst stud paired with a spiky ear cuff and starburst drop give you a gorgeous arrangement of celestial beauty! Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 15 total

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