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  1. Quasar Ring Set

    Quasar Ring Set

    A quasar emits exceptionally large amounts of energy and has a star-like image; we designed this ring set for a girl who has the same qualities! This geometric ring featuring a semiprecious black rotating ball is paired with a sleek polished band and a pave band that provides the right amount of sparkle! Wear them together or mix them into your regular ring rotation as singles! Learn More
  2. Gravity Necklace

    Gravity Necklace

    Inspired by the natural phenomenon of gravity, this sleek lariat features geometric orbital drops that anchor down the style. Capture a look that is unique and sophisticated! Learn More
  3. Stratosphere Necklace

    Stratosphere Necklace

    Bring your style to its highest levels with this Stratosphere pendant necklace! This sleek, high polished, orbital look helps grab attention and can be worn with any ensemble! Learn More
  4. Sputnik Necklace

    Sputnik Necklace

    Inspired by the first artificial Earth satellite, the Sputnik necklace is the perfect geometric pendant. Featuring a high polished gold rotating ball detail, this sleek necklace will change the history of your style the same way the Sputnik changed history of space! Learn More
  5. Helium Ring

    Helium Ring

    Get the party started with a pop of champagne & this pop out semi precious black and white rotating ball and orbital ring! You are what you wear, and the girl who models this sleek ring is fun and wildly chic! Learn More
  6. Pulsar Ring

    Pulsar Ring

    Inspired by Pulsar, a rapidly rotating star, this double finger ring with rotating gold balls, will rapidly rotate your style to new places! This amazing ring is perfect for a girl with elegantly daring style! Learn More
  7. Parallax Necklace

    Parallax Necklace

    Be the brightest star when wearing this beautiful, geometric rotating semiprecious bead necklace. This orbital pendant is the perfect finishing touch to accent any long waisted looks! Learn More
  8. Galileo Necklace

    Galileo Necklace

    Consider yourself the Galileo of your time as you’ve made the greatest new discovery there is, this semiprecious rotating beaded statement necklace! This beautiful black, white, and gold necklace creates a party along your neckline! Learn More
  9. Kuiper Belt Bracelet

    Kuiper Belt Bracelet

    Our Kuiper Belt bracelet is a modern essential that will glam up any look. Super polished and sleek, adding this to your look will undoubtedly get you some extra attention! Learn More
  10. Eon Bangle

    Eon Bangle

    The true meaning of Eon is an indefinitely long period of time, that is exactly how long this classic and sophisticated bracelet will last you! It commands attention with its sleek profile and polished surface but is a true foundation piece for any jewelry collection! A fresh look to a classic cuff! Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 14 total

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